The Go Memory Model

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当数据被多个 goroutines 同时 accesse(存取) 时, 这些 access must serialize.

To serialize access, protect the data with synchronization primitives(同步原语), such as channel operations, those in the sync and sync/atomic packages.

Happens Before

  1. 不同 goroutine 观测到的 execution order 可能不同, 其实, 一直不是很理解这里的 “观测” 究竟是个啥意思, 然后发现原文举了个栗子, 还挺形象的.

介绍了若干概念. 与 C++11 的 spec 相比, 这里介绍的概念真是太少了. 如下

  1. happens before, happen after, happen concurrently; 关于这仨概念, 具体参考原文.

    Within a single goroutine, the happens-before order is the order expressed by the program. 也就是讲, single goroutine 中所有 memory operations 之间的 happens-before order 就是代码里面 指定的顺序; 即若在代码里面, memory operation A 在 memory operation B 之前, 则 A happens before B.

    The initialization of variable v with the zero value for v’s type behaves as a write in the memory model.

    Reads and writes of values larger than a single machine word behave as multiple machine-word-sized operations in an unspecified order. 这里 multiple machine-word-sized operations 理解为: 多个 machine-word-sized operation, 每一个 operation 作用在一个机器字上.

  2. allowed to observe, 对于 variable v 上一个 read operation r 来说, 其 allowed to observe 的 write operation 其实是一个集合, 并且对于集合中每一个 write operation w 来说, 都满足指定的 条件, 这里具体的条件参考原文.

  3. To guarantee that a read op r of a variable v observes a particular(指定的) write op w to v, 需要达成的条件参见原文. 此时也可以从原文的条件中推断出: w is the only write r is allowed to observe.

  4. 结论: Within a single goroutine, there is no concurrency, so the two definitions are equivalent: a read r observes the value written by the most recent write w to v. When multiple goroutines access a shared variable v, they must use synchronization events to establish happens-before conditions that ensure reads observe the desired writes.


接下来指定了若干条条例, 这些条例满足 happens before 的情况.


  1. 参见 Package initialization与原文, 这里用 happens before 这个概念重新定义了一下.

Goroutine creation

  1. The go statement that starts a new goroutine happens before the goroutine’s execution begins.

    这个条例也就解释了当使用 pthread_create() 创建线程时, 当前线程对某个变量的修改对新线程是否可见 这个问题. 实际上, 据我了解的并没有 C 语言标准中并未指定修改对新线程是否可见.

Goroutine destruction

  1. The exit of a goroutine is not guaranteed to happen before any event in the program.

Channel communication

  1. 参见原文, 了解 4 个条例就行.


  1. 参见原文, 了解 2 个条例就行.

    总结来说的话, 就是若某次 unlock()(可能是 RUnlock() 或者 Unkock()) 操作导致了 lock()(可能是 Lock(), 或者 RLock()) 操作返回, 则这个 unlock() 操作 happens before 这次 lock() 操作.


  1. A single call of f() from once.Do(f) happens (returns) before any call of once.Do(f) returns.

Incorrect synchronization


  1. The Go Memory Model 1.7